Vignettes of a South African Township called Mdantsane

Sunday, February 24, 2013

With Geeta Chhabra's Books, An Indian Ode To Emirates and No Journey Ends

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Geeta Chhabra is a well known poet living in Dubai. I have with me here two of her coffee table books An Indian Ode To Emirates and No Journey Ends. Both are poetry books published in gloss and includes poems corresponding to the beautiful Dubai landscape.

Geeta is the mystic; her words shape an azure dawn.


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Swedish Medical Volunteers Accident and Emergency

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At the Health Resource Centre, East London with Accident and Emergency, EMS personnel and Swedish medical volunteers. Towards an Integrated Accident and Emergency System for the province of Eastern Cape

Prose Poems from Stranger than a Sun 22 February 2013

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On this day as I grow older it seems I have betrayed my sky my skin many a times. It’s the same sky, years back we thought had raised itself to such a fluid happiness. Invariably I look for rust on such corrugated skies; collateral suns grieve today the fall of innocence on a Delhi street, a harsh rejoinder to believing that truth is not always sacrosanct. Envious of coloured threads partaking many a horizon, everyday shadows subtly search for corners hiding a shrub or even a tree. Like our many loves replete with the unseen, skins craved in turgid rivers. I hear your voice, your undulant whispers, in shame of unreserved partings. In love we screamed curtailing the benevolence, in love we cried assumptions of the unheard, in love we dared once rolling the streets of old Delhi. With age came sun burnt pores, the mind stops against a reasoned wall, hopes flee a rising dusk. On that day a sudden sky could no longer catch an everyday sun. I could no longer retrieve your words in a long shared memory. In a treasonous river somebody quietly executed Afzal Guru, In a burning shack somebody tries unclothing Kobad Ghandy. Francisco de Goya lives again.