Vignettes of a South African Township called Mdantsane

Monday, August 13, 2012

loving u


where did we go the last time
the train stopped

what happened then
a brigand of runaway clouds
talked to us

did we ever reach home
home is the unknown
we always stayed

and the sounds outside....
a train of simmering thoughts just
screamed past

who broke a violet sky
who upturned your garhi
who dropped
elderly secrets
on your palm
who asked you another question

where are we going now...
who would answer the kisses
who would wrap the wind in your eyes
who would love you even more

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Stranger than a Sun - Poems and Drawings of Amitabh Mitra

old delhi

When I touched you I felt that you still had your baby fat
And a little taste of baby's breath
Makes me forget about death

Goran Bregovic

even as we spoke
on gravel corridors
dreams befell in
fragmented sun rays
voices in mirrors
stored in
illogical effort
streets and galis too
rose in savage anger
in loves lonely
having dared
loving is the unforgotten
loving is unmeeting
loving is the crisscross
even as the morning dew
hastens to close the windshield
mirages just happen
and in days
such days
each word you spoke
each word I thought
each word building
those ramshackle years
plays the constancy
of a very dry season
gwalior cavorted in
such darkness
In shameless rivers
of betrothal
thinking of
is a single gunshot
in colorless skies
off herniated brain
in a cracked moon
and in lives
on suburban trains
each time i
wonder where you might be
the qawallis we basked
mamasnpapapas vinyl blowing
carl marx overturned tea cups
mamta kalia bilateral

terrains survive
another distant hour.

Poem and Drawing on a Hand Made Paper by Amitabh Mitra