Vignettes of a South African Township called Mdantsane

Friday, January 6, 2012

Janpath Days


janpath market
checking shawls,
life effervescing then in a close knit pashmina
i thought of words written on bargain threads
not knowing breaths had sealed then
an oddly different sky
at a connaught place middle street we kissed
life flowed in each other quashed in the shawl
within lips
i asked of a river
it had always escaped
afternoon of repertoires
of smalltalk
in a faint punjabi accent
touching your tongue
i saw a sun went hiding
in our ancestral sharing
eyes closed in pursuit
we hurled in colours and stars
of another momentary season.

Poem / Pastel / Watercolor by Amitabh Mitra


  1. शोर की ख़ामोशी में
    कोलाहल के अंतरपल में
    रेड़ियों की भीड़ में,
    अकेले, हम तुम,
    जनपथ पर
    मोल भाव की खींचम खीच में
    डुप्लीकेट पश्मीना और
    झीने दुप्पटों की लटकन
    की आड़ लिए
    अधरों के परस्पर स्पर्श
    साँसों के आलिंगन
    पसीने की महक
    उस उमस भरी सरिता
    की याद दिलाती रही
    जहाँ चाँद के अक्स को देख कर
    तुम्हे पहचाना था
    हर लहर के विचलन
    से तुम्हारा रूप निखर था
    सबके बीच
    अकेले, हम तुम
    जनपथ पर

  2. Beautiful Devendrabhai, just beautiful
    U have given me back my Janpath days

  3. Love the way your poem ends, "we hurled in colours and stars of another momentary season."

    Liked the hindi poem very much. Very well written. "duplicate pashmina aur jeane dupatte ki latakan." :)

  4. Your poem and painting bring into the mind, a moist cold evening wrapped in the love-shawl of those oblivious days which were brief but intense.