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Friday, January 21, 2011

Balwant Bhaiyya ki Kothi, Gwalior

This is a watercolour of Balwant Bhaiyya Ki Kothi at Gwalior. People living in Gwalior know about this mansion as it is perched at the top of a hill. The place is in ruins, shrubs, wild grass and creepers have taken over all around the property. Smell of bats pervades everywhere and empty cartridges are scattered here and there. We use to visit frequently with my friends, Suresh Khandekar and Rajshekhar Iyer during our Science College days. As per Wikimapia, this was a palace of Sardar Balwantrao Scindia. He was the brother of Maharaja Madhavrao Scindia. However, he was not considered royal being a son of a dancing girl. My friend Prithviraj Chouhan adds that Balwantrao was known for his deep religious belief and closeness to the common people of Gwalior. The people of Gwalior lovingly called him as Balwant Bhaiyya or Brother Balwant.


  1. It can be sensed like an embalmed presence through the strokes of your paint brush.

  2. Shrimant Balwant Rao Shinde (popular as Balwant bhaiya Scindia) was natural son of Alijah Bahadur HH Shrimant Jayajirao Saheb Shinde Maharajah of Gwalior.
    He was not son of Dancing Girl...
    For detailed information please refer to Research book
    "Tawareekh-I-Shinde Shahi" by Famous History Researcher NEELESH ISHWARCHANDRA ji of Gwalior.