Vignettes of a South African Township called Mdantsane

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mdantsane to Transkei


in transkei
we drove on roads beyond roads
the sun and the sky set themselves apart
and people there talked about new south africa.
i wanted to get braids done on the
and dance to hip-hop
with others
being played by a blind musician
his head moving
his eyes behind dark glasses
negating all
nothing has really changed
only the dog among hitchhikers
just wanted to cross the street.

Poem and Watercolor by Amitabh Mitra


  1. Lovely poem and picture, very evocative.

  2. Lovely painting, very lively and realistic. I like the use of pink in most of your works. Pink is a combination of Red and White. In Catholicism, pink (called rose by the Catholic Church) symbolizes joy and happiness. Pink, being a 'watered-down' red, is sometimes used in a derogatory way to describe a person with mild communist or socialist beliefs. Many of Franz West's aluminium sculptures were often painted a bright pink he said that the pink was intended as an "outcry to nature". Pink colour is used in American prisons to calm aggressive prisoners.

  3. Thanks Devendrabhai
    Never knew all these