Vignettes of a South African Township called Mdantsane

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Mdantsane Rain


a child smiles
laughter runs amid narrow streets
takes a turn
and runs amok with grey
sodden clouds
and then it rains in mdantsane
heavy downpour
all its miseries in one go
leaking into shacks and homes
a drenched sun waits
clouds take their own time
to go home.

Poem and Drawing by Amitabh Mitra


  1. this is amazing! or am i getting biased ....
    the painting is gorgeous ... the expression!
    i wish you could separate the painting from the words and let it crystallize ....
    you know what? i haven't read your words ... will read them later ... is it ok if i do that?

  2. Take your time Nibedita, Thanks a million

  3. beautiful painting Doc M!!

    gorgeous words, takes me there to mdantsane!

  4. Rains bring out hidden smiles everywhere---in Mumbai and Mdantsane!
    Rains bring delight. The brush strokes remind me of Picasso; the words gentle, of Neruda!
    Universal appeal and cadence make it unique!
    ---Sunil Sharma

  5. Thanks Tasnim
    Thanks a million Sunilbhai

  6. dear amitabh marvelled at your painting craft simple and expressive, this transition is heartwarming